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Expressive Woodcutting

The techniques of relief printing are particularly suitable for a lively image composition process. If you appreciate spontaneous work as well as planning, then the various phases which lead to the expressive printing offer an ideal mix. In addition to European woodcutting, in this course you will also be able to encounter the African print tradition. This features powerful contrasts, expressive forms, figures, faces, gestures and image texts which can help you enrich your own personal artistic expression. The course is for both beginners and advanced participants.

course hours

Mo - Fr; 09:00 - 17:00

course language

German, English, French

bring along

Drawing materials, chisels, woodcutting knife, rags. Material can be obtained on site.

max. number of participants



The circulation of the prints is limited to 10 sheets. €20 per participant per week will be charged for printing inks.