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Intensive Study Course - Main Studies of Painting

The European Academy of fine arts offers a qualified intensive study programme in drawing and painting. The main studies of painting cover a total period of four weeks and has been developed for people with a good previous knowledge. The main studies are based on the basic studies of drawing and painting. We therefore highly recommend to first complete the basic studies before participating in the main studies.

The main studies concentrate on the autonomous development and acquirement of ideas for imagery and design. By means of group discussions and individual coaching you will find your topics and develeop your image ideas. Autonomous painting and drawing is the main focus of the main studies. This is accompanied by common image viewing, image analysis and lectures on theory and history of art. At the end of the studies you will have the opportunity to present you work.

If you are interested in attending the main studies without having accomplished the basis studies of drawing and painting, please send photgraphs of your work and some explanations to the administration of the academy. A commitee of the academy, consisting of lecturers of the academy and the head of school, will review your application. The lecturers are professional artists and have many years of experience in a variety of departments.

The four-week, intensive study programme is led by Markus Tepe. The lessons take place daily. At the end of the studies you will receive a certificate of your successful participation.

The spacious, bright studios and professionally equipped workshops are also available outside the opening hours. The main studies of painting are only bookable for the entire duration of four weeks.

Access requirement for the main studies of painting:

- a successful conclusion of the basic studies of drawing and painting

- the proof of prior knowledge on the basis of photos of your artistic work or certificates of participation from the European Academy of Fine Arts

course hours

Mo - Fr; 09:00 - 17:00

course language

German, English

bring along

Preferred painting and drawing material.

max. number of participants



The booking serves only for your registration. Binding reservation can only be made after looking through your application.