/medien/bilder/2017_Fotos/zeichnen_broesskamp_experiment /medien/bilder/2017_Fotos/zeich_broesskamp_experiment

The Experiment of Drawing - NEW!

Drawing with enthusiasm - abstract, naturalistic, sketchy, gestural or figurative. Together we search for the appropriate implementation of your artistic work. Regardless of whether you draw intuitively or conceptional, experimental, quickly or carefully. Images, stories, telephone sketches.. everything can be taken as a stimulus! Group discussions and individual coaching will help you implementing your ideas.

course hours

Mo - Fr; 8:30 - 17:00

course language

German, English

bring along

Drawing paper of all sizes and everything you want to experiment with (pencils, crayons, ink, brushes, bourdon tube, graphite, felt-tip, watercolours, acrylic colours ...)

max. number of participants