Woodcutting Workshop

An object: a piece of fabric, a stone, a piece of wood, a shell, an instrument, a photo, a portrait...brought as a memory, a chance finding or a gift. Our findings should serve as inspiration for designs. Due to its expressiveness, the technique of woodcutting/linocutting is particularly well suited for formulating and capturing personal and individual impressions and ideas. We want to be inspired by the objects we find, and to express this inspiration using various techniques, e.g. from single to multi-colour printing, from working with one printing block to working with several printing blocks.

course hours

Mo - Fr; 08:30 - 17:00

course language

German, English, French

bring along

Plywood or blockboard (4-8 mm thick), linoleum. Please bring in the desired working size. Absorbent paper, corresponding to the wooden board/s. Carving knife, linoleum knife. Printing rollers, drawing materials. If necessary, you can purchase additional work materials in a nearby hardware store.

max. number of participants



The circulation of the prints is limited to 10 sheets. €20 per participant per week will be charged for printing inks.